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The Senate on Monday confirmed Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to be labor secretary. His first act was to replace President Biden’s non-union dogs Champ and Major with 2 Teamster cats.


Kim Janey has succeeded Walsh, making her Boston’s first Black and female mayor – also making her Boston’s first mayor not named Sully, Tommy or Soon to be Indicted.


Duxbury High School has admitted its football team used anti-Semitic play calls. However, its head cheerleader said people have totally misinterpreted their cheer, “2, 4, 6, 8, who controls the media and the world financial system?”


The Brookline Commission for the Arts is searching for the town’s next poet laureate. It stressed that applicants need not know any words that rhyme with Nantucket.


Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins is dropping charges and convictions in tens of thousands of cases tied to the troubled state drug testing lab – particularly any test results that read: “Either positive, pregnant or space alien.”


Former Red Sox star and current MAGA boy Curt Schilling announced he’s leaving Boston and moving to Tennessee to “live out our lives with happiness with people that are nice.” To show there’s no hard feelings, Boston is giving him a 5-minute head start.


There’s an uninhabited island off the Massachusetts coast called Nomans Land that from 1943 to 1996, served as a bombing range for the US Navy, and is now littered with unexploded bombs. However, Airbnb now wants to rent it out to light-footed tourists.


Tom Brady’s one-time condo in Back Bay is now on the market. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 bathrooms and 4 wide receivers.


Yesterday marked the 182nd anniversary of the word “O.K.” It appeared in the Saturday edition of the Boston Morning Post in 1839 as a deliberate misspelling of the phrase “all correct” – at least according to its soon-to-be ex-editor, Tobias “Typo” Tucker.


The Boston Athletic Association announced the 2021 Boston Marathon will have a 20,000-participant field. However, due to social distancing, some runners will be starting in Albany, NY.

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